It is impossible to speak about Reggio Calabria’s confectionery history without mentioning its indissoluble bond with a symbolic, unmistakable product: the famous ‘Crema Reggina’ (Reggio Calabria Cream), invented in the ‘60s by chef Giuseppe Caridi, co-owner of the then pastry shop ‘Caridi e Laganà’, and meant to celebrate the city.
A delicacy with a distinctive pink colour recognised and known to all as the Reggio Calabria taste.Eggnog base cream flavoured with a cinnamon stick, rum, chocolate chips and candied cherries, naturally coloured and with an original flavour that won everyone’s heart.
Crema Reggina is predominantly an ice cream flavour that can still be tasted in all the city’s ice-cream parlours and is a delicious cream for filling cakes or pastries.


– 1 l milk
– 100 g cream
– 210 g sugar
– 40 g dextrose
– 80 g egg yolk
– 40 g rum 70°
– 1 cinnamon berry
– Dark chocolate chips to taste
– Red candied cherries to taste


Mix the milk, cream, and egg yolks. Add the sugar and dextrose, and mix everything together. Boil the mixture at 85° (pasteurisation) and infuse the cinnamon berry while boiling.
Let the mixture cool, and add the rum once cooled. Stir and add the chocolate chips and candied cherries.