The Reggio Calabria territory, located at the extreme tip of the Italian
Peninsula, encompasses the best of the country’s beauty, providing a variety
of landscapes and a rich natural, historical, and cultural heritage. A bountiful, fascinating land, bearing myths and traces of ancient civilisations
and testimonies of the cultures that have succeeded across its territories over the centuries, but also a place whose haunting beauty, colours and landscapes provide a source of attraction.
Similar to the rapture provided by the flavours on its table.
Greeks grew vines and olive trees in this area and ideated recipes to enhance
the deliciousness of local fish. Romans, instead, built a stronger link with the mountains in the hinterland and promoted pig and sheep farming. The Arabs brought citrus fruits, the Normans stockfish and Emperor Charles V introduced the cultivation of rye (here called ‘Jurmanu’).
From ancient to present times, food products are the noble gifts of this land
where sunshine, sea breezes and various soils have allowed plant or animal
species to flourish and develop those necessary features that make such
products – processed by skilful hands with ancient traditions and special
techniques -, unmistakable.

Tradizioni Reggine, saperi e sapori is a project promoted by the Reggio Calabria Chamber of Commerce to protect and advertise the area’s typical food and wine production. With the Reggio Calabria Traditions menu initiative, the Chamber of Commerce proposes a celebration menu strongly representative of local food and wine culture. All participating establishments (restaurants, trattorias, farmhouses, pizzerias, bars, etc.) will offer, alongside their usual menu, a special one composed exclusively of typical products, recipes, and traditional dishes, becoming true ambassadors of the local food and wine culture.

Special thanks go to Professor Filippo Arillotta, a scholar and expert on local traditions, for his valuable contribution to collecting the historical and gastronomic curiosities that enrich the menu.



Arena dello Stretto Lungomare Falcomatà, Reggio Calabria

Lo Scoglio dell’Ulivo, Costa Viola (ph: Pasquale Arbitrio)

Passerella, imbarcazione per la pesca del pesce spada (ph: Roberta Lo Schiavo)

Pictures of the dishes / Uva calabrese nero (ph: Enzo Bellina)