The name Ryece comes from a pun based on the English word ‘rye’. Italian barley malt, Aspromonte Jurmano, Reggio Calabria bergamot zest and hops from the Pacific area are the ingredients chosen by the Reggini Artigianali brewers to create a beer inspired by the famous Riace Bronzes.
An unfiltered and unpasteurised craft beer, clear, mildly alcoholic, with typical bakery scents and the territorial contribution from Reggio Calabria bergamot.
Jurmano and bergamot make this beer unique, allowing craft breweries and home brewing enthusiasts to prepare it in Italy and worldwide – once the right ingredients are collected.
When poured, this beer is straw yellow in colour with golden flares and a white, thick foam cap. On the nose, it reveals hints of fresh bergamot, exotic fruit, and resinous scents.
To the taste, it is very smooth with a slim body, notes of exotic fruits and herbs, and a moderately bitter aftertaste.

Ingredients & characteristics

– Degrees plato: 12
– Fermentation: high
– Alcohol by volume (%): 5.5
– Malts: Italian Pilsner malt 90%, Aspromonte jurmano, 5%, wheat flakes 5%.
– Type of mashing: direct infusion
– Mashing temperature: 62 -72 °C
– Mashing duration: 80 minutes
– Boiling time: 90 minutes
– Hops: Mosaic 75%, Cascade 25%, Azacca 25%.
– Spices: Reggio Calabria bergamot zest

Preparation / Drafted by master brewers

Carefully grind the malts and the Jurmano, steep in water at 62° C for about 40 minutes, raise the temperature to 72° C and keep it for about 20 minutes.
At this stage, raise the temperature to 78°C for 15 minutes and filter the wort. Bring the wort to the boil for 90 minutes. After 30 minutes from the start of boiling, add the Cascade hops (2 g/litre); after 70 minutes from the beginning of boiling, add Mosaic and Azacca hops (3 g/litre). After 90 minutes, bring the boiling to an end and add the Mosaic hop (3 g/litre) with Reggio Calabria bergamot zest (1 g/litre).
Cool the wort to 20°C, inoculate a neutral top-fermenting yeast and keep it at a constant temperature for approximately 10-15 days.
Proceed with clarification of the beer and packaging. Serve at 5°C.