If your visit to the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria has included a walk in the cool Aspromonte forests, you may have come across a group of pigs: don’t worry, they are not dangerous at all! These animals are the heirs of one of the oldest species inhabiting our mountains, the Black Pig of Calabria.

This very ancient species has avoided hybridisation by living in the wild: hence, its size – smaller than that of its farm-raised peers -and its development – at least one year and complete around two years of age.

Calabria’s pigs have been famous since ancient times. During the Roman imperial age, this region’s tribute to the Empire consisted mainly of ‘caro porcina’. Later, the renowned adventurer Giacomo Casanova, who had briefly lived in Calabria, described ‘the marvellous cold cuts, never tasted elsewhere!’.

The black pig was disappearing, but breeding was resumed a few decades ago. It is now highly appreciated because life in the wild and a totally natural diet result in lean meat with a unique flavour. An exceptional taste experience only Calabria can offer.