Farming sheep and using their milk to make ricotta and cheese are ancient and widespread traditions worldwide.
Aspromonte Pecorino Cheese (Pecorino Aspromontano), therefore, belongs to a multi-millennial tradition which allowed it to retain its ancient, characteristic flavour, preserved through long-standing sheep farming methods, a wide variety of pastures and ageing with traditional techniques.

This is why tasting pecorino in Reggio Calabria means going back in time. Its rich aroma brings us back to Ulysses eating the cheese made by the cruel Polyphemus.
Aspromonte dairy products’ quality and unique flavour are today recognised worldwide. These peculiar characteristics had already made them
widespread and affordable, thus becoming a delicacy on the most sought-after tables in Europe and the Mediterranean area.

A simple but extremely tasty and memorable dish is ‘la ‘mpanata’, consisting of a bowl of Aspromonte shepherds’ hard bread slices softened by ricotta whey leftovers from the processing.