The name ‘amaranto’ comes from the Greek ‘amarantos’ and means ‘that does not wither, durable, immortal’. Reddish purple (amaranto in Italian) is also the colour of the city of Reggio Calabria.
The colour of immortality suits a city that has overcome repeated devastation by nature and man and kept overlooking its sea for three thousand years.
The first official record of the use of amaranth as the colour of the Reggio Calabria city standard dates back to Angevin in 1300. Still, legend has it that it was the Normans, at the time of the conquest of Sicily, which honoured Reggio Calabria with this royal colour as a reward for the city’s importance and loyalty.
Eventually, it goes without saying that the special cocktail on the menu could only be called Amaranto, recalling the city colour and bearing the flavours of the typical Reggio Calabria bergamot.


– 30 ml bergamot liqueur
– 30 ml red wine
– 20 ml bergamot soda
– 30 ml soda


Build Up
Slice of dried bergamot